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Cost of Lap-Band Surgery
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Pricing of the Procedure

If you know your insurance won't cover the procedure, we offer the best value for it.

The costs below cover all the typical services required to complete your procedure and provide a year of follow-up care, including adjustments, office visits, and support groups. There will not be any additional charges related to the lap-band from our office during that time with receipt of payment for the complete program.

This cost does not include services, testing, facilities, or extra helping physicians costs if a rare complication occurs.

SELF-PAY COST includes Surgeon, Assistant, Anesthesia, Facility, and First Year Care.

Lone Peak Surgery Center


$13,247.40 (Cash)

This price is subject to change.

Those who are over 400 lbs or who have complicated health conditions that may require an overnight stay or additional support availability will be required to have their procedure in a hospital operating room setting. Dr. Hansen will primarily make this decision.

Insurance Coverage

Our office has dedicated staff to help you with your insurance process.

Generally, health insurance companies cover the procedure, or they don't. If you want to know this, call and ask them: "Do I have bariatric surgery coverage?". If you have coverage, your insurance company may have requirements that you have to satisfy before they authorize the surgery, like a nutritional or psychological evaluation, documented diet attempts, and a certain period of time being overweight.

Each plan may have unique requirements we can help you fulfill. If you have decided to pursue coverage, then your next step after attending a seminar is to fill out the online registration forms so we can start the process to gain coverage approval for your procedure.

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Payment Options

For self-pay patients, the entire amount is due two weeks before your procedure.

We do not directly finance, but we accept the following options. Carefully compare requirements and understand the program you choose.

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