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What is Lap-Band?

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Living with excessive weight can affect your overall health, limit your abilities, and shorten your life. Severe obesity is a detriment to the well-being of those who suffer from it and can lead to serious health complications. The higher your weight and the longer you carry it, the harsher problems it causes.

Lap-band is a safe and effective weight loss surgery that can help you overcome the challenges of obesity. It's a restrictive procedure that limits how much food you eat by placing an adjustable gastric band on the upper part of your stomach. With it, you will feel full with smaller volumes of food.

Results can vary, but those who undergo lap-band surgery can expect to lose a significant amount of their excess weight over the following two to three years. It will reduce the risk of developing problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, heartburn, wear & tear of joints, and more.

Why We Only Do Lap-Band

In years past, gastric bypass surgery was the primary method for surgical weight loss. This involves changing a person's stomach into two stomachs and rerouting the intestines. It's an effective method for many patients but has side effects and potential complications. Since a gastric bypass modifies your internal organs, it's extremely difficult to reverse the procedure. Lap-Band, on the other hand, is much more reversible, as it does not actually change the nature of your organs but only limits your food intake.

Another issue with gastric bypass is that it isn't adjustable. Sometimes the contents of the stomach move too quickly through a person's digestive system after surgery, causing feelings of illness. With Lap-Band, the restrictions to the stomach are adjustable.

Those who receive a gastric bypass may have to deal with iron deficiency due to the changes in the digestive tract. In general, the complication rate for Lap-Band is much lower than for gastric bypass, and it's considered to be the safest weight loss surgery available.

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