The First Year After Bariatric Surgery

Those who’ve experienced bariatric surgery of any kind know that the process extends well beyond the day of surgery. Weight loss surgery is the beginning of a journey to a better, healthy life.

Excessive obesity is a serious health risk. Bariatric surgery, including Lap-Band, counters excessive obesity, and at the same time works to decrease those risks.

So after a weight loss surgery, can the individual just go living how they want? The answer is no. While bariatric surgery is incredible and has changed an amazing number of lives, only when it is accompanied by a lifestyle change does it have the greatest affect.
For many people, weight loss surgery might be the only realistic way to get back on the healthy lifestyle track. So the surgery is performed, and the journey begins.

post bariatric surgeryThe first year after bariatric surgery is when the most dramatic results are generally seen. Directly after the surgery, you might need to follow a special diet. Also, you should follow a new exercise regimen, where you’ll work up and up until you’re able to keep a sustained higher heart rate.

As the days transition into months, you’ll still want to keep a careful eye on diet. You’ll need to closely monitor how your body responds to food, and then formulate a healthy diet plan around what your body can handle well. Quantity of food is a factor that will always be important, and will be something you’ll need to get used to, since your stomach no longer has the capacity for the same amount of food.

Lap-Band, being a less invasive bariatric surgery than other weight loss procedures, most likely will allow for a broader eating strategy than other procedures. But that said, you’ll need discipline, to learn how to take time with your meal, chewing your food well. And when you feel full, you’ll need to stop eating immediately.

The first year after bariatric surgery demands quite a bit of discipline. But if the advice of Dr. Hansen is followed closely, chances are you’ll see lasting weight loss that will make your life better and your future more secure.