The Hourglass Effect

The Hourglass Effect

The whole eating factory function of the stomach is very complicated and still not understood completely. One of known triggers for us to feel satisfied after eating is volume. In the stomach wall, there are small switches that are turned on when we eat a significant volume. These switches then send a signal to the brain to lower or turn off our hunger. If we eat a lot, then we fill “full.” If we keep eating, then we become sick.

Placement of a Lap-Band creates an hourglass contour of the upper stomach. As food enters the upper portion, the restricted neck creates pressure on the upper pouch and gives the sensation of fullness. Most people have had this phenomenon to a lesser degree. It occurs when you don’t eat for a significant period of time and then notice that you don’t eat as much at the next meal. The common belief is that the stomach shrunk. In reality, the stretch switches were turned on sooner due the stomach recoiling back to its usual size. The Lap-Band magnifies this effect so you are more easily able to eat small portions without feeling so hungry. Not drinking with meals and waiting for a while after eating will help the hunger stay away.

The Lap-Band is adjustable to customize how much restriction there is around the stomach.

A Backhoe Against Hunger

Hunger is one of the main challenge we face in trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes it is physical process, and other times it is a mental process. This struggle is more difficult when there is high caloric food easily accessible around us. Most diet techniques include cutting back how much we eat or choosing food with fewer calories. And diets work, right? So what is the problem? You have to stay on that eating regimen consistently or the pounds return and the hole you have been digging against the extra pounds starts to fill in again.

There are many tools out there to help people lose weight, and when there are a lot of pounds, the job is more difficult. To keep weight controlled, there needs to be a permanent plan and tool. Renting a shovel can help you dig, but when you need it on a daily basis, it is better to own one.

Digging out a basement for a new house takes a lot more work than planting flowers. The tools are different for different needs. You need a more powerful tool than a shovel, like a backhoe.

If you have significant pounds to lose, you may benefit from using a more powerful tool like a Lap-Band. It can be the backhoe against your hunger. It will help you fill full faster to more easily cut back on the volume of food and dig a bigger hole against the extra pounds to help you keep it off and get the job done.