Lap Band Vs. Intense Diet Program

Lap Band Vs. Intense Diet Program

And the winner is…

Have you ever wondered what the score is? In a very important study, mild to moderately obese patients with the Lap-Band weight loss surgery lost 87 percent of their excess weigh compared to 21 percent who had an intensive medical diet program over a two year period of time. The diet program patients continued to gain weight whereas the Lap-Band patients continued to loose it at the two year mark.

When an individual has up to 100 plus pounds of excess weight losing 5-10 percent of that is helpful, but not enough to make a real difference in health. For people with diabetes, the winners were even more amazing.

In a randomized controlled study in patients with early type II diabetes and excess weigh up to 100 pounds over their ideal body weight results showed that the Lap-Band patients lost 68 percent of their excess weight and 76 percent were in remission of their diabetes after a two year follow up. The dieting group who had intensive lifestyle training and conventional diabetes treatment lost 4.3 percent of their excess wight and 13 percent were in diabetes remission.

Lap-Band surgery helps people lose weight by lowering hunger level allowing comfortable intake of smaller portions without being so hungry. The Lap-Band is placed as an outpatient procedure with a laparoscopic approach to minimize pain for a faster, safer recovery.

Lap-Band surgery is a safe and effective punch against obesity. If other weight loss programs have not put you in the winning circle consider Lap-Band surgery for your fight.

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