A Lifeline for Weight Loss

A Lifeline for Weight Loss

Helping you conquer the mountain of excess weight

Each of us must climb mountains in our lives. If you have struggles with the mountain of excess weight there is a life line rope to help.

Lap-Band Surgery can provide people with the assistance to make the climb. It significantly lowers hunger to ease the effort to reach your goal of better health and happiness.

Just as a rope on the mountain can save your life, many people will live longer and happier with less excess weight. The climb through life will be much more enjoyable without the extra burden many continue to carry.

Lap Band surgery is the safest surgical weight loss option available. It is places as an hour long outpatient procedure. Most people are able to return to full time desk work or light duty work in a week. And, many insurance plans now cover the procedure and financing is available to assist others as needed.

During the procedure a solid silicone ring is placed around the upper stomach to create an hourglass shape to facilitate an earlier stretch on the stomach sending signals to the brain and turn down hunger.

The amount of restriction is adjustable by a small reservoir under the skin that can be accessed in the office for customized control. Weight loss is gradual with adequate progressive narrowing of the ban opening.

If you or someone you know could use this remarkable advancement help is only a call or click away. Contact us to learn about treatment for severe obesity and excess weight.