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Is it Time for Your Weight Wake-Up Call?

Julia Sonders remembers having a weight problem from the time she reached puberty. She tried everything to lose weight: nutrition counseling, a vigorous walking regimen, guidance from a personal trainer, and diets. Always the diets. Nothing worked. By the time Julia was 22 she carried 227 pounds on her 5’4” frame. That was the year she […]

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Obesity: The American Epidemic

The obesity epidemic in America is a Tsunami of expense coming toward the shores of American healthcare. We are already seeing significant increased costs related to excess weight. The longer the wait the more it will cost. Carrying excessive weight increases the risk of multiple disease conditions. The risk of developing diabetes rises to nearly […]

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A Lifeline for Weight Loss

Helping you conquer the mountain of excess weight Each of us must climb mountains in our lives. If you have struggles with the mountain of excess weight there is a life line rope to help. Lap-Band Surgery can provide people with the assistance to make the climb. It significantly lowers hunger to ease the effort […]

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Considering Lap-Band

The Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) is an adjustable solid silicone ring surgically placed around the top of the stomach to create an hour glass shape helping weight loss. As a person eats with a band, the narrowed area causes food above it to stretch the ping pong ball space allowing a person to feel […]

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Which Way to Weight Loss

Find your weight loss road map for success Where are you going? If you know, then what is keeping you from getting there – and are you headed in the right direction? We all have limitations in life: some we can control and others we are required to accept and do the best we can. […]