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Regurgitation and reflux explained, with solutions “When I bend over lunch and stand back up… I’m done.” Is this you? Regurgitation or reflux from your stomach back up into your swallowing to cold your esophagus is very common. Once in a while is normal but more than three times a week can indicate a problem. […]

Lap Band Vs. Intense Diet Program

and the winner is… Have you ever wondered what the score is? In a very important study, mild to moderately obese patients with the Lap-Band weight loss surgery lost 87 percent of their excess weigh compared to 21 percent who had an intensive medical diet program over a two year period of time. The diet […]

What Is It Like to Have a Lap-Band?

The Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band (LAGB) is an adjustable solid silicone ring surgically placed around the top of the stomach to create an hour glass shape helping weight loss. As a person eats with a band, the narrowed area causes food above it to stretch the ping pong ball space allowing a person to feel […]

Utah Obesity

Chances are you know someone who is at an unhealthy weight, since over 60% of adult Utahns are either overweight or obese. Obesity can affect people of any gender, age, income, and racial/ethnic groups. The number of Utahns that are obese is at a record high. Over 1,156,000 Utah adults are overweight and over 461,000 […]

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Every patient who undergoes a Lap-Band procedure wants to know what to do to be successful at losing weight and living healthier. The Lap-Band will help people who have significant weight to lose to get it off and keep it off. It will help them feel less hungry. Your part is to eat the small […]

The Hourglass Effect

The whole eating factory function of the stomach is very complicated and still not understood completely. One of known triggers for us to feel satisfied after eating is volume. In the stomach wall, there are small switches that are turned on when we eat a significant volume. These switches then send a signal to the […]

Is it Time for Your Weight Wake-Up Call?

Julia Sonders remembers having a weight problem from the time she reached puberty. She tried everything to lose weight: nutrition counseling, a vigorous walking regimen, guidance from a personal trainer, and diets. Always the diets. Nothing worked. By the time Julia was 22 she carried 227 pounds on her 5’4” frame. That was the year she […]

Obesity: The American Epidemic

The obesity epidemic in America is a Tsunami of expense coming toward the shores of American healthcare. We are already seeing significant increased costs related to excess weight. The longer the wait the more it will cost. Carrying excessive weight increases the risk of multiple disease conditions. The risk of developing diabetes rises to nearly […]

A Lifeline for Weight Loss

Helping you conquer the mountain of excess weight Each of us must climb mountains in our lives. If you have struggles with the mountain of excess weight there is a life line rope to help. Lap-Band Surgery can provide people with the assistance to make the climb. It significantly lowers hunger to ease the effort […]