After your surgery you will be on liquids for a week then transition to puree food or anything that you can eat without having to chew. These guidelines are to insure that the band heals in the proper position. Liquids and pureed foods are necessary to prevent any undo pressure on the band while it is healing into the correct position.

When starting the puree period don’t drink with meals and wait for two hours before starting to drink again. This continues for a total of three weeks until the fourth week after surgery when you can carefully eat solid food for a week before coming in for your first fill. Remember to only eat the smallest amount of food until you are not hungry but keep your portion size to no more than a cup of food. This will help train you in portion size, your weight loss will continue and we will better know how much to place in the band at your first fill appointment five weeks after surgery.

After Care

Work and Activity

Most patients should plan on being off work one to two weeks, depending on how quickly you heal and how strenuous your job is. You will be sore and might feel a little weak both from the surgery and from the liquid diet you go on the first few days following your surgery. You should not drive while you are taking narcotic pain medicine. You will be fine to get up and walk and take care of your personal needs.

Wound Care

You can get your incision areas wet in the shower immediately after surgery if the sticky plastic coverings are in place. These can be removed in a week. If they must be removed for any reason then leave the incisions dry for 48 hours. As a general rule you can do what you can tolerate. I have not had any hernias or had anyone do something to damage their healing other than vomiting.


Be very careful to avoid vomiting. If you eat too much, too fast or don’t have food in a very fine consistency then it can back up into your esophagus. This is the “No Loitering” organ of the body and if it doesn’t go down, it will be sent back up. Repetitive vomiting can dislodge the band or tear out the sutures placed to help hold the band in place and contribute to developing a “Slip” where the lower stomach can slide up through the band and make it too tight.

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