Common Lap-Band Myths and the Truth Behind Them

1. Lap-Bands don’t work

One word… Competition! That’s what leads to this common myth. Every surgeon is going to have their bariatric preference.

There’s extended care with the band because of the adjustability. With that, many surgeons don’t prefer to take on the long term patient follow-up with band patients.

The data released in a 15 year study had participants at a maintenance of 47% of excess weight kept off! That’s VERY comparable with long term more drastic weight loss surgical options. Also a plus is that complication rates with the band are significantly lower than other surgical options in todays market.

2. The Band is a quick fix

The Lap-Band is a tool. A good way to think of it is  trying to dig a tunnel with a shovel. Now imagine digging that same tunnel with a tractor (the band is that tractor). Weight-loss is never magic, its mathematics. Intake vs. calories burned. The band is your friend, helping you achieve and maintain your health goals. Smart choices, and self-accountability are major factors with any weight loss regimen.

3. Everyone is having them taken out

Refining techniques with the band have the explant rate at the lowest its ever been. With an explant rate of lower than 9% at 5 years, the band is found to be the easiest and most tolerated bariatric surgery.

Every bariatric surgery has its risks and benefits. Patients are the most successful when they do their research and find which bariatric surgical option suits their needs best.

The Lap-Band is a reversible, and credible option for long term weight management for patients. Success is much more realistic utilizing a proven tool for maintaining those goals.